Church Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2020-02-29 Jesus Heals 10 Lepers Jeff Walper Play
2020-02-22 Living by the Promises of God Gavrail Georgiev Play
2020-02-01 Guarding the Sabbath Buddy Harper Play
2019-12-28 Attributes of a Christian Marcol Greenlaw Play
2019-11-23 Discerning the Times and Seasons Marcol Greenlaw Play
2019-10-05 A Working Faith Jim Clifford Play
2019-05-18 Born Again Dojcin Zivadinovic Play
2019-05-25 Gods Last Generation Val Loumber Play
2019-05-11 The Cry Of The Barren David Thiele Play
2019-05-04 The Net George Shouey Play
2019-04-27 Coming In To His Temple Val Loumber Play
2019-04-13 Power Controlled By Love Jovan Ilijev Play
2019-04-06 Behold the Bridegroom Cometh Chad Kazakian Play
2019-03-30 The Mighty Shaking Marcol Greenlaw Play
2019-02-23 Conflict Of Interest Val Loumber Play
2019-01-26 Even At The Doors Narlon Edwards Play
2019-01-19 Your New Years Resolution Jovan llijev Play
2019-01-12 Happy Are Ye Jovan llijev Play
2018-11-24 No Co-Dependency With God Val Loumber Play
2018-10-06 The Cost of Healing Narlon Edwards Play
2018-09-18 Windows Gods Operating System Aaron Earnest Play
2018-06-02 Cross Bow Aaron Earnest Play
2018-05-19 The Implanted Word Rod Willy Play
2018-04-28 Conflict Resolution in the Sanctuary Experience Val Loumber Play
2018-03-03 Day With The LORD Aaron Earnest Play
2018-02-03 Vine Ripened Fruit Almond Joy Jeremy Klopfenstein Play