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  • Please pray that the EOP Director, Ms. Yvonne Jenkins finds a way for me to become a matriculated student this spring semester and also help me graduate in May.
    Karen - Jan 21 2011
  • Hello I don't have a prayer request, but I have some books to donate, if you have a church library. We're moving after 20 plus years, so there are quite a few books. If you don't have a church library, you could probably start one. Some of the books are fairly new and others are older. Many are by well-known authors and pastors. Please email me if you're interested. I have no luck in using the 'contact email that you have set up, so I'm using this link. Thank you, Katherine Dordevic
    Katherine Dordevic - Nov 04 2010
  • Brian Taylor is a young man i have worked with at summer camp the last few years .. this year he is a student missionary in the Marchall Islands; this week he was playing soccor with the Pohphei National soccor team and was kicked in the face; he is mostly unconcious still and having seizures .. now at hospital in Guam .... please remember Brian in prayer and all our fine and wonderful student and regular missionaries
    Larry Hicks - Sep 25 2010
  • Arnt Krogstad is supposed to meet with me this next week at the church to discuss the new bookcase which he is going to build in the Library. My prayer request is that we can come to an agreement where the bookcase can be constructed quickly. I know that he is busy but we need to have that bookcase as soon as possible so that our Library can begin to function. I want to also praise the Lord that Dave was able to fix our Library computer so that I can now enter that remaining books into our data base.
    William Hardy - Jul 25 2010
  • My son, Matthew Barrish, has ceased implementing the tools he learned in class. July 3rd he had a seizure, only his face is bruised with no other apparent injuries. His wife believes that he overdosed on energy drinks.
    Audrey Greenlaw - Jul 05 2010
  • Pray for daughter, Debi, that she finds a nursing job in this area so she does not have to move. Also that Chelsea & Sophia can continue to attend church in their critical young years. Thanks, Ollie
    Ollie Haines - Jun 23 2010
  • Scott Irwin and his wife Michelle, along with their two small children, have been frequent visitors to our church in recent months. Sadly, on Sunday May 2, Scott was killed in a traffic accident while riding his bike. Please remember his family in your prayers.
    David Horger - May 10 2010
  • My sister Debbie, living in Spring Creek, NV has expressed interest in attending church. My mother will be suggesting the Elko Adventist Church. Debbie was tragically widowed last June 1, and has 2 girls still at home, the youngest is 11. My sister has not attended church in approx 25 years, at that time she was attending the FLDS. At Christmastime her older daughter (19) was very interested in the Sabbath, and read Danny Vierra's recent book. Thank you for your prayers for Debbie and her daughters.
    Audrey Greenlaw - Apr 23 2010
  • Eleanor's daughter, Christine, is very seriously ill and in the hospital in AR. Mary Heller, her aunt says she may not make it. This is Bud Thiele's grand daughter.
    Joyce Hicks - Apr 21 2010
  • I just want to remind the church, that this coming Sunday, is when the descision will be made regarding the sale of Sandia View Academy. Please pray hard it won't be sold! Thanks!
    Howard M. Bryant, Jr. - Apr 19 2010
  • Please continue to pray for Sandia View Academy in NM, that it not be sold. We need this school as a witness to the surrounding community, and so that many young people can have a christian education. Please keep praying for this until it is resolved. Thank you so much!
    Howard M. Bryant, Jr. - Apr 19 2010
  • My daughter,Karen, has a friend named Renee who has colon cancer that has metastasized to her bladder -hope is slim. Karen has witnessed to her so pray the Lord can be with her during this time
    Ollie Haines - Mar 30 2010
  • Please pray for Rene Dean, who has a bruise on her femur (long bone in leg) that's affecting her knee. She also has something unusual happening in the bone marrow that's giving her doctor some concern.
    David Horger - Mar 21 2010
  • Please pray for healing for my daughter.
    Joleen Swanson - Mar 17 2010
  • Please pray for physical healing for our daughter. Thank-you and God bless your day.
    Joleen Swanson - Mar 16 2010
  • Please pray for Mike Lang. I went to see him yesterday, and will do so tomorrow. He is very depressed and despondent and in need of our prayers. Also, tomorrow I’ll have a unique opportunity to meet with Steve Thoreson, the president of the Freethinkers Atheists & Nonbelievers (FAN) for Sacramento. I intend to present the reasons I believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only good news for our world.
    Jovan Ilijev - Mar 10 2010
  • One of my dearest friends, Iris Eastvold, one of God's tireless workers in Southern Oregon, and a great believer in the prayers of the righteous, called me tonight and told me that her son, Bobby Johnson, age 39 has been diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. She asked that I pray for Bobby and I told her that I would make a request also for our prayer warriors here in Shingle Springs to add him to their prayer lists. This woman is a strong lover of Jesus and was a constant companion to me during my illnesses in Oregon. She prayed with me daily and my heart breaks for her..Thank you-Laura Baker Schedieman
    Laura Scheideman - Mar 09 2010
  • Audrey spoke with Rita Lang today. Rita and her husband Mike became friends of ours during the series with Tim Jones. Mike is in Marshall Hospital right now because of his cancer, and will be eventually transferred to an nursing home where he can receive medical care around the clock. He is not expected to be able to go home again. Please pray for them.
    David Horger - Jan 29 2010
  • From Audrey: The Moskalets family is in need of prayer after a tragic car accident in Folsom. Susan Moskalets crashed her car, injuring her children and herself. One child, Misha, is in a coma and may not survive. Please pray!
    David Horger - Jan 29 2010
  • I'm posting this on behalf of Audrey and Marcol: "My father-in -law, Isy Silva, (he came to most of the evangelistic series) was admitted to the hospital last night with apparent pneumonia and probably another stroke. He cannot swallow, and his speech is greatly affected. Thank you so much, Audrey and Marcol" PS: Audrey is coming down with something, so please keep her health in your prayers as well.
    David Horger - Jan 21 2010
  • Please pray for Mrs. Halk who had a heart attack and she's in the hospital waiting to be stabilized before she can have surgery. Pray that she won't have any more heart attacks before the surgery, and that the surgery will go well.
    Miranda Horger - Jan 18 2010
  • Please pray for Dave's mom, Winnie. She hurt her back and is having a hard time getting around.
    Miranda Horger - Jan 13 2010
  • Please pray for my brother Don, as well as the rest of my family, as we deal with the recent death of my father. Don was his caregiver and lived with my father, and it will be especially tough for him as we work through this.
    David Horger - Nov 21 2009
  • Please pray for my brother's ex-wife Tammy, who was recently diagnosed with leukemia and is currently undergoing chemotherepy. Her son Jon Jr. is taking it hard, and needs your prayers as well.
    David Horger - Nov 21 2009
  • Please pray for Ollie Haines who is having serious back pain. Last week her daughter took her to the emergency room where a number of tests were run and the problem is in her spine. I don't have any more detail than that right now.
    David Horger - Nov 21 2009
  • Please pray for me as I seek a place to move to in this area. I am seeking to rent a room in a home. I prefer the Cameron Park, Shingle Springs, or Rescue area but will consider El Dorado Hills or Folsom also.
    William Hardy - Nov 02 2009