Church Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2010-12-24 A Song, a Star, a Little Child Steven Tkalec Play
2010-12-17 We're On The Road To... Larry Hicks Play
2010-12-10 The Meaning of Christmas Jovan Ilijev Play
2010-12-03 Mercy and Justice Val Loumber Play
2010-11-26 Water Experience Steven Tkalec Play
2010-11-05 Are You Dancing in Your Underwear? Larry Hicks Play
2010-10-29 How to Remain a Christian Jovan Ilijev Play
2010-10-22 How to Become a Christian Jovan Ilijev Play
2010-10-15 Learning How to Trust Ray Sample Play
2010-10-08 At The Gates Val Loumber Play
2010-10-01 I Gotta Be Better Than Who? Larry Hicks Play
2010-09-24 The Untitled Sermon Chris Ingman Play
2010-09-17 Fire From Heaven Randy Benfield Play
2010-09-10 Five Stones Sharon Kay Play
2010-09-03 Ponder Anew Larry Hicks Play
2010-08-27 One and Only David Horger Play
2010-08-20 The Weakest and the Least Val Loumber Play
2010-08-13 Found Faithful Jovan Ilijev Play
2010-07-30 Home, Sweet Home Steven Tkalec Play
2010-07-23 Truth! Val Loumber Play
2010-07-16 For the Kingdom of Heaven is Like... Jovan Ilijev Play
2010-07-09 Our Attitude Toward Prayer Jovan Ilijev Play
2010-07-02 The KISS of the Gospel Larry Hicks Play
2010-06-25 Ingredients to Happiness Jovan Ilijev Play
2010-06-18 If You Have a Little Trouble Steven Tkalec Play
2010-06-11 The Answer Is... Faith in Jesus Val Loumber Play
2010-06-04 A Little Whitewash Goes a Long Way Larry Hicks Play
2010-05-28 Crisis on the Field or Blinded by Hunger Val Loumber Play
2010-05-21 Already Defeated Val Loumber Play
2010-05-14 True Humility Jovan Ilijev Play
2010-05-07 From Terrorism to Adventism Michael Mace Play
2010-04-30 Can Anything Good Come Out of Shingle Springs? Larry Hicks Play
2010-04-23 Are We Living As We Are Believing? Val Loumber Play
2010-04-16 Are You Worthy? Jovan Ilijev Play
2010-04-09 You Are a Priest Forever Michael Oleynick Play
2010-04-02 What God Has Done Lanni Aesen Play
2010-03-19 People of Witness Jovan Ilijev Play
2010-03-12 Obligated or Attracted Lune Randjelovic Play
2010-03-05 What is Your Passion? Jovan Ilijev Play
2010-02-26 An Unlikely Serpent David Horger Play
2010-02-19 Love Never Fails Michael Oleynik Play
2010-02-12 I Love You Sharon Kay Play
2010-02-05 Worriers vs. Warriors Larry Hicks Play
2010-01-29 What the World Needs Most Pastor Jovan Ilijev Play
2010-01-22 New Life With Jesus Michael Oleynik Play
2010-01-15 Who in the World Are We? Pastor Jovan Ilijev Play
2010-01-08 The Two Testaments Michael Oleynik Play
2010-01-01 Man's Greatest Ambition Larry Hicks Play